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Cinply Essentials

Dust blue mini jar

Dust blue mini jar

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This dainty mini jar come with a matching lid and spoon. Great to store tour favorite herbs or spices. It's in a daring muted color of dust blue. 


Twilight Tea & Amber : This scent is inspired by a cozy night under the stars. It's a sweet mix of chamomile, bergamot, cocoa, cinnamon, rose, amber, moss, musk, and sandalwood.

Sandalwood cardamom : 

Bamboo Coconut : combines a lush green coconut scent with the fresh aroma of greenery and ripe fruit notes. This is a classic relaxing fragrance that is perfect for a spa or tranquil setting. Get lost in a peaceful bamboo forest and enjoy a sophisticated layering of fragrance - from soothing coconut to sweet pineapple and lush green forest ending with a cedarwood and vanilla finish. 

Vessel handcrafted in El Salvador 

3.5 oz 

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